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MamaLogs Project

Debbie told the story I shared with her with such truth and integrity that   many of the friends and community members who know my family told me how much they enjoyed hearing Debbie's rendition.  She commands her marvelous talents to draw loving, honest, funny and true, portraits. I was so proud to have been a part of this.   

~​Jane Grillo (Parent Mentor Partnership White County Schools)

I laughed, I cried and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it!  
~Elizabeth Crittenden (Audience member)

The MamaLogs Project: Interviewing a variety of people

on the topic of parenting and crafting their stories to share from the stage.

 Mamalogs is a thought-provoking and heart-filled exploration of motherhood and its joys and trials. 

 Debbie From takes you on an emotional journey that is often heart-warming and sometimes gut wrenching. 

~Tracy Sue Walker (Storyteller)​​​


Debbie From is a seasoned storyteller with a gift for finding the heart in a personal story and passing it along to her audience.  My husband and I knew we were in for a delightful evening at the Sautee Nacoochee Center because we were already confident in Debbie’s ability to do a one-woman show.

And she succeeded with a program of storytelling at its finest.
~Denise Mount (Storyteller)

Debbie From spins a collection of motherhood tales into a solo show rich in engaging characters. Enchanting storytelling.

​~ Fringe Biscuit

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A one-woman show of true stories & monologues skirting around the topic of motherhood!  
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Award winning storyteller Debbie From uses interviews and personal experiences to take you on a hilarious and heartfelt journey through the varying perspectives of parenting.

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Debbie's gentle storytelling is a joy. 

Mamalogs presents some dozen true stories gleaned from interviews conducted over the last several years,

each with its own unique exploration of parenting. Debbie's strength is her mesmerizing voice, able to embody a character completely with just a few words and amplified by the simple, bare testimonials that give the audience the role of interviewer. Debbie's empathy and compassion for these women is evident; she is an authentic and moving speaker on their behalf.

- Rachel Elizabeth Maley (Elgin Fringe Festival)


I was intrigued by the title and even though I am not a mother,

I was pleasantly surprised by the stories Debbie presented.

There were a couple of stories that journeyed into heartbreaking topics

but Debbie managed to bring the audience out of the darkness

and provided a sigh of relief & resolution. 

~ Tanya Crudow (Audience member)

 Mamalogs is poignant and hilarious.

It speaks truth to womanhood:

telling stories that have too long been silenced,

giving credence to the difficulties and joys of being a woman,

and helping us understand and

explore the often unspeakable realities of life, love, and loss.

It is told by a master storyteller

with all of the heart of a mother and a woman.

~Julie Jabley (Director of The Craddock Center)

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